Taking it “Easy” is Hard

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I wanted to share a few of my reflections this morning, as I struggle to slow down and recharge my own battery. Coming off three weeks of cross country and international travel, I found myself last week sick, tired and pissed off about it. As I describe in the opening chapter of my new book […]

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10 Simple Strategies to Build a Better Brain

In honor of World Mental Health Day, I wanted to share my top 10 tips for building a better brain. These are 5 simple strategies I use every morning to jumpstart my brain and body, and 5 techniques I use throughout the day to recharge. Morning jumpstart – movement, mindfulness, motivation, meditation and mirth. 1) […]

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Running on Empty

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I hate being tired. I mean, really hate it. Way beyond the carefree years of lying in bed until noon, and clearly past the decades of fun exhaustion from a night gone wild, I have “evolved” to the disturbing restlessness of being physically tired but mentally too wired to shut it all down. All while […]

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Happy Independence Day!

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On this 4th of July, I’m celebrating a new kind of freedom…setting better boundaries for myself in order to improve my work-life integration. Recognizing the clear signs of exhaustion, I knew if I didn’t do something different I was going to continue plummeting down the same bumpy road I’d been traveling on that kept leading […]

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Beyond Funny: The Power of Healthy Humor


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you exciting news! Our first Beyond Funny Humor Marathon was a tremendous success. Despite that fact that we tried to pull this off within an extremely tight deadline and extraordinary travel schedules, my dear friend Karyn Buxman and I rallied our funny friends to spread the word on […]

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Heidi’s High Five!

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The last few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about the need to redefine stress, and now I want to move onto step two – the recharge process. We recognize that stress is not necessarily something bad, but rather a stimulus for change. The reason we experience negative consequences of stress is because we fail […]

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What Really Causes Stress?

empty tank

Numerous studies have demonstrated that it is not our circumstances that cause us stress but rather our perception of these events and our ability to adapt to them. Many people experience stress in the midst of positive situations because they’re not taking care of their needs adequately, as can happen when we go too long […]

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It’s Time to Redefine Stress!

Zebra Stress

I have intentionally taken a hiatus from writing for a while, but I’ve finally decided it’s time to come back. The past few months have been filled with great challenge and significant growth, and I believe that what I’ve learned will be helpful for many of you who have come to follow my journey up […]

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“Life is short. Take time to chill.”

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I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump lately. One part exhaustion from kicking out two books in less than a year, and the other part intentionally wanting to put less unnecessary content out into cyberspace; information overload is enough of an issue these days. But today I must write. Yesterday I was heartbroken […]

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Are You a Stress Addict?

stressed simpson

Do you thrive on tight deadlines? Do you often leave things until the last minute? Do you have a difficult time doing nothing at all? Does it take you a few days off to feel like you’re on vacation? Do you spend much of your vacation time thinking about work? Do you constantly worry about […]

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Upgrade Your Brain for the New Year

brain blue rays

It’s not enough to just set intentions for the New Year. If you want to do things differently, it is critical that you train your brain to think differently, or you’ll find yourself slipping back into old habits. Part of my personal mission this year is to simplify what I’m working on so that I […]

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Brain Fog

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Thinking it had probably been a couple of weeks since my last post, I was trying to figure out what I should write about. I went back to look at my previous blog and was shocked to see it’s been over a month since I posted. WT*? Lately I feel like I’ve experienced a short […]

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The Power of Perspective on the Stress Response

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Trying to keep up with my personal Stressaholic recovery regimen I decided to both sleep in and go for a run this morning. Perhaps my fatigue caused a temporary lapse in judgment, seeing as though I was headed out for my workout at the hottest point of the day in Orlando. Mid-way through my jog, as […]

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Confessions of a Stressaholic

911 photo

How fascinating to realize as I start a new chapter in my life this morning that I do so on a day that has become a source of so much pain, grief and stress for so many of us. Let me first start by saying my heart goes out to all of those who have […]

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What is stress?

stress word blurr

Attempting to come up with a universal definition of stress is a lot like trying to define love; it can mean so many different things to different people, and the its true experience lies in the eyes of the beholder. One of the most simple and helpful definitions I’ve come across was from Hans Selye, […]

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Massage for Your Mind

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Do you ever notice that your best ideas usually come when you’re not actively trying to be creative or solve a problem? When you give yourself the time and space to quiet your mind, you allow your brain to be more flexible to think outside the box. It therefore becomes easier to connect multiple perspectives, […]

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