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A guidebook for the journey from exhaustion to enlightenment

Chronic multitasking and ever-increasing demands on our time and energy have caused a neurochemically-based dependence on sources of stress and stimulation to provide fuel for our chaotic lifestyles. While this may boost performance in the short-term, studies have consistently shown that when stress hormones are elevated over time they create the worst form of internal wear and tear; decreasing productivity, wasting time, and even killing brain cells. As a result, modern society is tired and wired, suffering from physical exhaustion while mentally amped up, and unable to get adequate rest.

Featured Speakers

Energize your meetings, adding additional value to your conference, corporate retreat or annual event. Our wide variety of topics includes Brain Health, Cognitive Fitness, Breaking Through Stress Addiction, Optimal Nutrition, Weight Loss Management, Work-Life Balance and more. For information on pricing and availability, email us at

The SHARP Solution

In The SHARP Solution training program, participants learn a brain based approach to realistic, sustainable change that supports a healthier brain, and as a result a healthier, happier body. Participants walk through a step-by-step process of designing their own personal action plan that can be utilized to decrease stress, balance hormones, increase energy, and improve over all health, happiness, and performance.

Relax Your Fat Off

Stress makes you fat. In order to lose weight and keep it off, it’s critical to create a realistic, sustainable plan that incorporates relaxation strategies with worry-free nutrition and fitness guidelines. The Relax Your Fat Off program helps participants understand how stress causes weight loss resistance, and guides them through 10 steps to use relaxation to prime the body for successful, sustainable weight management.




Stressaholic Slider